How To Grill Quail

Quails are the birds that have at about 7 oz of weight. They have super tender meat and delicate taste. Due to the small size, quails are cooked whole. If you have not grilled quails as you barbeque menu, now you can bring them to your gas and charcoal grill combo. Here we serve you some direction of how to grill quail with the perfect taste and temperature. the followings are the steps.

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Step 1 Get The Quails At First

As the quail is the type of bird, you may get it from your hunting. If you do not have the time to hunt, now you can purchase it commercially. You can go to the market for buying these kind of bird.

Step 2 Rinse The Quail

If you do not slaughter the quails by yourself, the all you can do is to rinse the quail by the cold water. Before you rinse it, you can cut the wing tips of the quail away.

Step 3 Prepare The Ingredients

The ingredients you need to make a grilled quail are olive oil, thyme, garlic, pepper, sage, and parsley. Mix all of the ingredients into a bowl. After that you can coat the surface of the quail by its marinade evenly. Place the quail in a bowl or Ziploc bag then refrigerate it for 1 until 2 hours.

Step 4 Preheat The Grill

While you are waiting for the marinade quail that is being refrigerated, you can prepare the grill. Preheat the grill with medium to high heat. Then, take the quail from the refrigerator and remove it from marinade and let it rest at the room temperature for a while before you start to grill. Put the leftover marinade into a plate of bowl to brush the quail while it is being cooked.

Step 4 Grill The Quail

After the quail rest at the room temperature, you can season it with the butter, pepper, and salt evenly. It is for adding the flavor to the quail. Make sure that all sides of the quail are covered. When the grill has reached them certain temperature or hot enough, you can place the quail over the grill. Use the medium heat to grill this quail. If it uses the lower heat, it may consume much time and if it uses the higher heat, the quail may become burning but it not roughly cooked. Then to anticipat it is overcooked or less cooked, try to uses the medium heat.

To keep the quail from getting dry while it is being cooked, you can baste it with the butter. Also, use the leftover marinade to strong the flavor. Wait until 7 to 10 minutes to grill each side of quail until it becomes brown or golden. Then, you can turn over the other side and wait until it getting brown. To make sure whether the quail is cooked or not, you can test it with a meat thermometer. Last, you can remove the quail from the grill and let it rest for a while. Don’t forget to cut the grilled quail before you serve it.